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It's not the three trumpets that are yet to sound, but the "other voices" [soundings] of the three trumpets [that are sounding] that are yet to sound.  The sounding of the three trumpets are not finished sounding at that point time.


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You are speaking about Revelation 8:13. We read there:


And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!



The word “voices” in the phrase “other voices of the trumpet of the three angels” is also translated “sound” in other verses. Each of the 7 trumpets only sounds once. They do not sound two times; as if to make a sound and then to make some “other” sound also. Each of them only sounds once. Otherwise, when do the first 4 trumpets make the “other” sound? Or, when do the last 3 trumpets sound the first time?


The reason for the word “other” in the phrase “other voices of the trumpet of the three angels” is because just prior to this verse, in Revelation 8:7-12, we read about the first 4 trumpets sounding. Then, in the next verse, verse 13, God tells us that the “other” 3 trumpets will sound and also identifies those 3 trumpets with 3 woes.


Then, in the next verse, in Revelation 9:1, we read about the 5th trumpet sounding. The language of the 5th trumpet sounding in Revelation 9:1 is the same language of the sounding of the 1st through 4th trumpets in Revelation 8:7-12. They all have the pattern, “The <x> angel sounded”. The sounding of the 5th trumpet in Revelation 9:1 is not some kind of “other” type of sounding that is different from the sounding of the first 4 trumpets we read about in Revelation 8:7-12. Compare the language of Revelation 8:7, 8, 10, 12 and Revelation 9:1. They are all parallel language.  By the way, the verb “to sound” in those verses is the verb form of the word “trumpet”.


Also, in Revelation 9:13 we read about the 6th trumpet sounding and finally the 7th trumpet sounds in Revelation 11:15. We read about these last 3 trumpets sounding after Revelation 8:13.


Revelation 8:13 is telling us that we have just heard 4 trumpets sound and there are 3 “other” trumpets that will sound also. The sounding of those 3 trumpets is described in the following chapters.


Revelation 8:13 is a key juncture. God just finished describing 4 trumpets that have already sounded. That was in verses 7 to 12. Then, in Revelation 8:13 God tells us that the “other” 3 trumpets are going to sound and God ties them into 3 woes.


As shown in the study at this link,




in Revelation 9:12 and in Revelation 11:14, God has put careful chronological language to show that the 3 woes are in series, and that means that the last 3 trumpets are in series, since they are tied to the 3 woes. Also, as shown in the above study, God ties the last 3 trumpets to the 3 woes.



You mentioned that “The sounding of the three trumpets are not finished sounding at that point time”.  The Bible does not use any language to indicate that the trumpets are sounding for an on-going period of time or that they continue to sound for some period of time. Neither does the Bible give any language that the trumpets sound at the same time. In fact, the study at the above link shows how the last 3 trumpets sound in series, one after the other because the woes come in series, one after the other. The Bible simply says that they sound and that is it. There is no language of any continuing sounding of any of the trumpets.


For example, the 5th trumpet sounds in Revelation 9:1. Then, in Revelation 9:12 God tells us that 1st woe is past. That means that the 5th trumpet and 1st woe are past at that point. The 5th trumpet is not continuing to sound at that point.


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