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Nigeria Broadcast Reception Map
Southern Africa Broadcast Reception Map
The Middle East Broadcast Reception Map
Follow The Bible Ministries

Follow The Bible Ministries is very excited about broadcasting to Africa,
both to the region around Nigeria and to Southern Africa by Shortwave
radio. These two broadcasts reach a large portion of the English speaking
population of Africa. The broadcast to Nigeria is even heard in area
around Ethiopia. The third broadcast is in Arabic to the Middle East
the fourth is Arabic to North Africa.

We receive reception reports for these broadcasts from as far away as
Russia, Europe and Japan, among other places.

- English:                   11,660 KHz         Sunday 1900-1930 UTC
(and beyond)  

South Africa
- English:          12,010 KHz        Sunday 1900-1930 UTC
(and surrounding areas)     

The Middle East
- Arabic:        9,585 KHz        Sunday 1830-1900 UTC
(and surrounding areas)

North Africa - Arabic:               7,380 KHz        Sunday 2000-2030 UTC
(and beyond)

North Africa - Arabic:               7,315 KHz        Sunday 2000-2030 UTC
(and beyond)

The North Africa Broadcast Reception Map